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Mobile & Web Product Manager

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We are looking for a Mobile & Web product manager that will be leading our overall product lines, you will be responsible for the product lifecycle from design thru development and product launch.
The product manager will write the relevant product documentation based on the customer's needs and turn it into requirements.
as part of your role, you will be also responsible to bring our product vision to success!

• Meet customers and relevant stakeholders to generate feedback and prioritize the product suggestions
• Lead the Agile process with our development team
• Responsible for the Product roadmap and milestones
• Write user stories.


• Minimum 2 years leading web/mobile product
• Well familiar with UI/UX experience and comfortable with technology & methods
• Ability to impact multiple stakeholders
• Creativity, problem-solving, autodidact, and high communication skills
• Familiar with Product strategy and excellent documentation skills
• Experience in eCommerce
• Strong presentations skills and experience creating detailed reports/ dashboards
The position is open for all (men and women), we support hybrid working (home/office)

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